Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

From September 2014 Statements will be replaced by education, health and care plan (EHC Plan). The function of an EHC is to allow special educational provision to meet the needs of the child or young person, to secure the best support for them across education, Health and social care and preparing them for adulthood. This assessment can be carried out for your son or daughter from birth to the age of 25. The EHC’s major distinction from the statement is that the child, young person and parent’s voices are heard and not only heard but understood in the support and decision making. Majority of children or young people with special educational needs will have there needs met in the early year’s settings, primary, secondary school or colleges. The EHC allows the children and young people to receive extra support and this happens when the needs cant be met by the SEN support (support which is funded by the schools).

Families and young people post 16 up to 25 have the right to apply for an EHC assessment. Schools, colleges and other bodies can also request assessments but they can only do this with the parents or young persons consent.