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What's New?

What's New?

Good to Go
This a fantastic opportunity for young persons from all backgrounds and locations who are NEET, offering them 3 days away from their normal setting to develop their employability skills and gain the opportunity to be shortlisted for one of our exciting work experience programmes and or an apprenticeship.

"U Can Do It" Children And Youth Foundation
The UCAN Do It Children & Youth Foundation (UCDF) are a Community Interest Company registered and operating in South East London
Our mission is to successfully engage with children and young adults between the ages of 6 - 21 with Special Educational Needs (S.E.N), autism and physical disabilities

Come to a workshop for young people and professionals and help us improve our service, particularly how we support young people in a sexual relationship who are at risk of harm.

Courses for Recovery and Wellbeing

We have a number of exciting short-term courses for ‘recovery’ & ‘wellbeing’ starting this Autumn.

Parent and Young Peoples' Consortium
The Parent and Young Peoples' Consortium is a strategic group that represents the views and experience of parents, young people and a range of community groups.

The Mahadevi Yoga Centre

The MahaDevi Yoga Centre offers 1:1 sessions of yoga therapy to children with special needs to help them build balance, strength and confidence.

Early Years SEND Inclusion Fund (SENDIF)
The Government has introduced new measures to support children with SEND, one of which is the SEND Inclusion Fund.
Local authorities and providers must have regard to the SEND 0-25 Code of Practice (2014) and be able to demonstrate how they are implementing a graduated approach to support all children with special educational needs or a disability to fulfil their potential.

Stop and Search Guidance
Read and download the latest publication Stop and Search: A Guide for Parents and Children. The guide has been made in consultation with parents’ groups, children and young people who have been stopped and searched.

SEND Masterclass
The SEND Masterclass is aimed at staff who work with families across the local area. Click here for available dates in 2017/18.