Inspired to Work

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The Service:

InSpired to Work (Low – Medium Support): The Employer Mentors Project brings together employers and young people to provide those living in Southwark with work placements, mentor support and employability training. The project equips young people with hands on experience in the sector they aspire to work in and key employability skills that employers are looking for so they can confidently progress to, and sustain, paid employment.

Who is the service for?

Young people aged between 18-24 year olds, Southwark Residents, Actively looking for work

Accessibility of this service

Casework Sessions will normally take place at InSpire or Peckham JCP between 9am – 5pm (Tuesday – Friday)

How this is provided:

EMP supports young people by providing the following:

4 Week Work Placements - young people will be matched up to a Mentor from the same company and will have access to on-going (ad hoc) mentoring for a further 6 months.

Sector Based Training Fund & Bursary
- availability of bursaries for sector specific and career related training: providing funding to pay for or subsidise appropriate short skills courses relating to their chosen industry; additional bursary to help with travel, work wear and work materials/equipment.

Employability Workshops
- week long pre employment training consisting of 5 workshops providing young people with a clear understanding of what they should expect from their workplace experience.

Progression to Job/Apprenticeship - caseworkers will work intensively with a young people to write high quality applications for jobs/apprenticeships and access to exclusive job opportunities in a variety of sectors with employers.

How can I access this service?

Name, Age and Contact Details to be emailed to
Or call Bolaji Abioye on 07590 985 123 / 020 7740 6868

How is this service funded?

Comissioned by the Council’s Local Economy Team – Southwark Works Framework

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Useful to know

The office is closed on weekends. You can either send an email or leave a message on the answer phone and we will contact you on our return

Contact us

Bolaji Abioye or Hannah Warren
E: M: 07590 985 123 T: 020 7740 6868

Training provided:

Intensive Employability Training Week Mon 25th – Fri 29th July (10am – 3pm)

Drop in service

N/A – all appointments are pre-arranged with Caseworkers