Supported Housing in Southwark

How to apply for supported Housing in Southwark

What is supported housing?

Supported housing is a form of housing that combines support services and accommodation. This form of housing is aimed to help people who are vulnerable or may have a disability to live independently with support available if needed. There are different types of supported housing to help people with different levels of needs to live independently.
Its important to be aware of the options available when making the decision of what sort of accommodation is right for you. This can be done by understanding the different types of supported accommodations available.

  • Support in your home
  • Supported accommodation and group
  • Temporary supported accommodation

Getting needs assessed

The most important part of the of seeing if you are eligible for supported accomodation is to be needs assessed. Southwark social services department are who carry out the assessment of your care and support needs if you are finding it difficult to manage at home.

Care and support assessments

A needs assessment will review your personal circumstances. The purpose of the assessment is to identify any care and support needs you have.

The assessment is the first stage in the process of getting care and support services provided. The next stage is to decide whether you are eligible for any help

Who can get a care and support assessment?

Anyone who may need care and support can get an assessment.
You might need support because of:

  • old age
  • physical or learning disabilities
  • mental health problems
  • chronic illness
  • drug or alcohol dependency

Asking for a care and support assessment

You can also ask your GP to make a referral for an assessment. If you are in hospital, you can ask the hospital social work team to request an assessment.
Your local council's social services department must also carry out an assessment if they become aware that you may be in need of services, even if no formal request has been made. You might be referred by another part of the council, for example the housing department.

What happens at the care and support assessment?

Usually the assessment of your care and support needs is carried out face-to-face with your social worker. It could be carried over the phone or online if you agree to it.
The assessment looks into your needs, what kind of help you would like and finds out what you can and cannot do for yourself.

Social services may speak to your doctor, occupational therapist or other medical professionals, if you agree to this.

If the council says you are not entitled to care and support services
Social services may decide that you are not entitled to care and support services because your identified needs are not high enough or are already being adequately met by friends or family.

Social services should give you:

  • a written decision containing reasons
  • information about how to challenge their decision
  • advice and information about other sources of support
  • Care and support services: help and advice

Click here for the Shelter Directory to find an advice centre near you.

Please dont hesitate to speak to your social worker to get a needs assessment completed