Southwark Emergency Support Scheme

Southwark Emergency Support Scheme (SESS) can help you if you are a Southwark resident who is:

  • Experiencing a time of crisis, emergency, or disaster and as a result you or your family are at risk of significant harm, or
  • At risk of having to move out of your home and community and go into care, or
  • Moving back into the community after spending time in an institution, such as a care home or hospital.

For more information about the scheme including how to apply to the scheme please visit the SESS website

Coram Voice

Coram Voices provides advocacy for care leavers free of charge. They also have a children’s legal centre and a legal centre for migrant children. Find out more on the Coram Voice website.

Contact Coram Voice on 0808 800 5792 or email

Barclays Money Skills

Barclays Money Skills is an online resource with tool for young people to take control of their finances. Find out more the Barclays Money Skills website


Barnardo’s provides free independent advice and advocacy for young people leaving care in Southwark. For more information you can visit the link below or contact Barnardo’s on 0808 800 0017 or 0208 768 5058 . Contact them by email at


Care Leaver Association (CLA)

Care Leaver Association is an organisation run by care leavers. They give phone support and can signpost you to different services. For more information visit the CLA website

Care Leavers Foundation

The Care Leavers Foundation provide grants to care leavers who are aged 18-29. Find out more information on the Care Leavers Foundation website

Who Cares Trust

Who Cares Trust is an organisation for children in care and care leavers. They can arrange activities, work experience and meetings. Find out more information on the Who Cares Trust website

Citizen’s Advice

Citizen’s Advice provides advice on benefits, money, work, housing, law and rights, healthcare and education. Find out more information on the Citizens Advice website

The Mix

The Mix website is an online resource for young people covering a range of issues that affect their everyday life. It has fact sheets and information, online forums and contact details for experts who can help. It provides anonymous, straight-talking emotional support 24 hours a day and young people with a personal answer to any question within three working days. Visit The Mix website for more information

Look Ahead Care and Support

Look Ahead delivers a range of services to young people between 16 and 25, including support with housing, education, training and employment. To find out more information please visit the Look Ahead website, alternatively you can self-refer yourself to the service by emailing