Charlie Chaplin Adventure playground

This service provides quality out of school care for children during term time, weekends and holidays.

They can provide a tailored package of activities for young people aged 13-25 on saturdays and during holiday sessions.

The service is for children and young people with SEN or disabilities

Following an assessment which is undertaken on either a Saturday or Play scheme at CCAP an appropriate care package is tailored for each child.

All children need to be referred to the service and then a level of service access agreed with the Southwark CWD/Transition teams.

They operate at these times:

After school – Tuesdays to Fridays 3.30-5.30pm
Saturday Club – 10.00-3.30 pm
Holiday Play schemes – 10.00-3.30pm
Camp (some YP from Southwark access a residential camp over a long weekend)

These services are funded by Southwark Council and is free.


CCAP delivers in house training to its staff team to ensure that knowledge and skills are up to date and relevant to anyone using the service.

Their project aimed at older young people offers access to training/awareness raising on the following issues:

  • Travel training- Out and about

  • Cooking for life