How to Make a Referral for Adult Social Care

The client or their family, or yourself as a professional can make a referral to Adult Social Care, via the Older Persons & Physical Disabilties.  Once making initial contact with OPPD, their managers will decide which of the divisions (mental health, learning disabilities, older adults or physical disabilities) will complete the assessment.

When OPPD are contacted by either email or phone 0207 525 3324, they will complete and initial screening.

Under the Care Act we as the LA have a responsibility to assess Southwark Adult Residents where it appears that they may have needs for Care and Support. When making the referral it would be best to note the difficulties that the young person has.

Eligibility for Care and Support:

When Adult Social Care is completing an assessment, we will ask the individual about her independence, what difficulties they are facing (in more detail); about their personal and domestic routines; their involvement with family, friends and the community, what help and support they already had, and what help and support they think is needed.

Eligibility for support for adult social care are:

  1.  The adults needs arise from or are related to a physical or mental impairment or illness;
  2.  As a result of the adult’s needs, the adult is unable to achieve two or more of the outcomes;

a) Maintaining Personal Hygiene;
b) Managing Toileting Needs;
c) Being Appropriately clothed;
d) Being able to make use of the adult’s home safely;
e) Maintaining a habitable home environment
f) Developing and maintaining family or other personal relationships;
g) Accessing and engaging in work, training, education or volunteering;
h) Making use of necessary facilities or services in the local community including public transport and recreational facilities
i) Carrying out caring responsibilities for a child.


3.  As a consequence there is, or is likely to be, a significant impact on the adults wellbeing.

The three stages must be satisfied to meet the eligibility criteria.