Moving to Adult Services

Moving to Adult Services

Young people who have been accessing support from Southwark's Children's Services may at some point need to transfer to Adult Services. This usually happens around the time of their 18th or 25th birthday.

Under no circumstances should young people find themselves suddenly without support or care as they make the transition to adult services. Transition to adult social care for those with EHC plans who satisfy the Care Act eligibility criteria should begin at an appropriate annual review, in many cases this will take place over several months or years.

Under the Care Act 2014 local authorities must continue to provide a young person with children’s services after they have reached 18 years old, until they have decided whether it is appropriate to transfer the young person to adult services. This is to ensure that there is no gap in the care and support that the young person is receiving. In deciding whether it is appropriate to transfer the young person to adult services, following the transition assessment, the local authority will decide that the young person:

  • Does not have needs for adult care and support, or
  • Does have such needs and begins to meet some or all of them, or
  • Does have such needs but decides it is not going to meet them (either because the needs are not eligible or because the needs are already being met).

The All Age Disability Team are also here to help young people aged 14 to 25 years old with disabilities to increase their independence and help them plan for the future.


Transition to Adult Social Care

Young people with Special Educational Needs turning 18 or their carers may become eligible for adult care services regardless of whether they have an EHC plan or already receive care from Children Social Care. The local authority must carry out an adult care transition assessment where:

  • There is significant benefit to a young person or their carer in doing so
  • The young person is likely to have needs for care or support after turning 18

    Transition assessments must take place at the right time for the individual:

  • There is no set age for when young people reach this point, therefore the transition assessment should take place when it is of ‘significant benefit’ to them
  • This is regardless of whether the young person or carer is currently receiving any services

    For information on how local authorities will determine if a young person is eligible for adult services see here. For information for how local authorities will determine if a carer is eligible for adult services see here.