Southwark's Policies and Strategies

A summary of key policies and strategies used by Southwark Council to help improve and guide their approach to Care.

Families Matters

Southwark Council wants to ensure that children, young people and families receive the best possible support at times of need in order to address and resolve issues rapidly and effectively. Families Matter is Southwark’s approach to ensuring children, young people and families are provided with the right support at the right time to prevent problems from escalating.

Families Matter will be used by the council and its partners to improve a range of outcomes for families including emotional, educational, physical and mental health and reducing the need for statutory intervention through child protection and care proceedings. It builds upon the strengths of our existing, successful provision to ensure we have the right pathways and range of services to provide effective and timely support to children, young people and families that is clearly targeted towards their specific levels of need.

Families Matters includes:
• Effective and accessible universal services from 0-19 years that enhance resilience and develop protective factors in children, young people and families
• Services which provide prompt support and seek early resolution when problems first emerge to decrease the risk of the problem escalating to a higher, more serious level of need, or becoming entrenched, and thus more difficult to resolve.
• Intensive services which reduce the number of children and young people who are risk of significant harm and / or being taken into care, enabling more children and young people to live at home with their families and links into statutory children’s social care.
• A continuum of care that ensures that those who require support at varying levels of intensity receive a seamless service and that support continues to be provided for those leaving care or other statutory interventions.

Families Matter also encompasses Southwark’s approach to the troubled families programme