The Complete Works

Who We Are

The Complete Works offer a broad and balanced curriculum, accomodating the requirements of the national curriculum and the needs of all who study with us.

Groups are carefully created so that students are able to work together asharmoniously as possible, and ensuring a good staff/student balance. All courses are age appropriate and we can accommodate students in Key Stages 3 and 4.

What We Offer

Students are able to study with us for up to 30 hours a week. Full-time students studying for GCSE examinations mainly focus on Core Subjects:

English Language,
English Literature

Other subjects covered can also include:

Media Studies
Religious and Cultural Studies
Physical Education

Some students may be more suited to study for Functional Skills and Entry Level Examinations instead of GCSEs. We are also able to offer the Arts Award to those who wish to explore the Performing Arts subjects in greater depth.

Speaking and Listening, Literacy and Numeracy and ICT are embedded in all our schemes of work, and opportunities for sharing and appreciating each other’s point of view are encouraged in all subject areas.

We also provide opportunities for groups to visit swimming pools and other sports facilities, and to partake in theatre trips and educational visits to museums, art galleries and historical places of interest.