The New School


The New School is a pioneering educational charity.  Our independent primary school currently serves 72 local young people, including from Southwark and surrounding areas.  We do not charge fees, because education needs to be available to all.

Our values and ethos are centred in our belief that education should support and develop young people's sense of agency in learning.  The outcomes that we focus on encompass the development of basic skills and competencies, social and emotional learning, and physical and mental health, but ultimately enable every young person to develop a sense of purpose in their lives.  To achieve these outcomes for every young person we have to respect their individual needs and interests, their cultural understandings, their prior knowledge and their personal motivations for learning.

We have a restorative justice approach to behaviour, which ensures those involved learn from what happened.  Our aim is to encourage collective responsibility, uncover the wider issues surrounding harmful behaviour, and support young people to work through their emotional responses and build the resilience and self-esteem necessary for future lives.  

Our curriculum at The New School ensures flexibility so every young person is included, it allows time to develop individual interests, and it prioritises freedom to follow young people's ideas, thoughts and passions; developing depth of knowledge and most importantly, ensuring motivated, happy, lifelong learners.

We are a research focused school, using our outcomes to engage in wider conversations about education in the UK. 

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What We Offer

We are a full-time, permanent school offer for Southwark and other local authority children. We provide a relational, personalised, wellbeing-focused setting, that offers a broad and balanced curriculum. Our school's central belief is that education should support and develop young people's sense of agency in learning. 

Age Range

We currently have children from Reception - Year 7.  In 2022 we will have a Year 8 and we will continue to grow our school until we cover the age range 4-16.

How to access the service

Please follow the admissions policy on our website.  We open our admissions for each school year from 1st November - 31st January.

Do you need to pay for this service?

School places are free to families.  We are charity funded.


The New School, 149 Central Hill, London, SE19 1RT


Telephone: 0204 513 0505