Early Years Funding

The funding in Early Years depends on the type of provider.

Most Children’s Centres and Primary School Nurseries have access to element 1 and 2 funding as described above.

Private, Voluntary, Independent settings, Childminders and Council maintained Early Years Centres do not have access to element 1 and 2 funding and therefore can apply for additional funds.
A child does not need a statement or EHC plan to access this funding.
This money is to strengthen their plans to deliver quality support which is in addition to and different from what all of the children are having in the setting.

The providers must complete a form available from the SEN Team.
Decisions are made on a monthly basis.
Providers will be kept up to date with the process and given written response to their applications.
See Early Years Section for Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE).
This additional funding and support will be reviewed regularly by the provider in accordance will the delivery plan.