Specialist Schools

  • Mainstream schools with special units or resource bases  -  These are all run a little bit differently depending on the school. Sometimes the children will be taught separately for part of the day or they might remain in the same classes as the other children but have support from specialist staff in the school.
  • Maintained Special Schools   -  These schools are run by councils. They tend to specialise in different specific needs and take a variety of age groups depending on the school. They have much smaller classes and provide experts in special need and disability teaching.
  • Special Needs Academies  -  There are a few of these and they are directly funded by central government which means they're independent from the council.
  • Free Special Needs Schools  -  Similar to the Academy above, they are independent, non profit making, free to attend and not controlled by the council.
  • Independent Special Schools  -  These are used by the council. Click below to see a list of them in your area