Mobility and Habilitation

  1. Mobility Training

  2. Technology and Mobility

  3. Life Skills

  4. Freedom Pass Application 

Mobility Training

In Southwark, we provide mobility training to our students with a visual impairment. We have a qualified Mobility and Habilitation specialist who is also a QTVI. We provide assessments and programmes for mobility suited to a students needs, age and aptitude. This is especially important when a student is approaching a transition phase. When our students start to consider independent travel, we will support them with a bespoke plan suited to their route in preparation for their ability to do this on their own.
Mobility training can include;

  • familiarisation of the classroom and school,
  • travel in the local community around school,
  • travel to and from school,
  • mobility for life after school, familiarisation with London’s transport network and local stations/routes.

Technology and Mobility

Part of this plan may involve knowledge of travel apps and using technology to assist with independent travel. Many of our students will not recognise the numbers of buses approaching and may not be able to read a digital screen at a bus stop. By using phone apps such as Next Bus, the students can be confident in knowing when their bus is arriving. We also teach them to use technology to pre-plan any new journeys before leaving home.
Useful apps include;

  • Next Bus (live bus arrivals)
  • Train Line UK (live train departures)
  • National Rail Enquiries (train information)
  • Blind Square (assists blind people with navigating their locality)
  • Google maps (Good for pre-planning journeys)
  • Google Earth

Life Skills

Life Skills support usually takes place across the curriculum. We can advise teachers on how to implement life skills such as food preparation in Food Technology including specialist adaptations for blind or visually impaired students.
Life Skills may also be incorporated into PE, this could include skills such as independent dressing and organisation of personal belongings.

Freedom Pass Application

If you are blind or partially sighted you can apply for a Freedom Pass which enables you to travel for free on most of Londons transport.
Southwark’s application process including forms for the Freedom Pass;
More Information about Freedom Passes;