Preparation for Adulthood

  1. Transition to College/University

  2. Support for Careers and Work Experience

  3. Social and Emotional

Transition to College/University

Transition from secondary school onto College or University can be a challenging time. We provide support for this transition in a number of ways.

  • Attendance and advice at planning meetings such as Annual Reviews or the Education and Health Care Plan meeting (EHCP).
  • Preparation visits to the new setting.
  • Mobility support for the new route or familiarisation with the new environment.
  • Liaising with the disability officer at the College/University including recommendations for specialist equipment and technology if required.
  • Raising awareness of visual impairment in the College/University staff through training if required.
  • Signposting students and parents to additional support.

Support for Careers and Employability

For those students who are transitioning onto work experience or beginning their career, we can signpost and support them with this transition.

Social and Emotional Support

Preparation for adulthood can be a challenging time with lots of new things to think about, transitions on from secondary, becoming more independent with mobility, participating in activities outside of school as well as finding employment. There is lots of support out there for when this becomes overwhelming.
We work closely with our students in transition and will always be there to talk. We can also signpost you to other services who might be able to help with the social and emotional aspects.
RNIB offer a confidential counselling service for people with visual impairments;
For opportunities to develop friendships with other young people with visual impairments who may be experiencing the same feelings during transition, please see our sections on Sport and Leisure and Music and the Arts.