Technology and Vision Impairment

  1. Technology Support

  2. Mobility and Technology

  3. Grants for Technology at home

  4. Useful Links and Apps

Technology Support

Technology for visual impairment is evolving at a very fast pace. The resources recommended by us will depend on the students age, and aptitude to use technology.
Support we provide includes;

  • iPads connected by blue tooth to the interactive white board. We assist schools in helping to set this up.
  • Recommendations on touch typing programmes for some of our students, for example;
  • Recommendations for magnification software, such as Dolphin, Zoomtext or Jaws, for laptop or PC use.
  • For our students who use Braille Notes, we can provide training and basic support for the staff working with the student.
  • Enabling and teaching the students/staff how to use the inbuilt accessibility features of iPad’s, iPhones, PCs etc.
  • Recommendations for apps which are VI friendly to parents and teachers of students who have additional or complex needs. These apps and activities are designed to encourage the students to engage more visually with the world.
  • Assessing functional vision skills for our students using technology. In this way the functional vision assessment (FVA) becomes more fun and game like.

Mobility and Technology

As part of our mobility training we will encourage the use of accessible travel apps and the use of technology to forward plan. These skills will enable the student to travel more independently and safely. This technology is moving at a very fast pace and we keep up to date by attending conferences and relevant training. (independent travel for VI)
VI friendly travel apps; Next Bus, Blind square

Grants for Technology at home

We can advise parents on where to go to get grants or funding for using technology at home;
Blind Children UK-

Useful Links and Apps

Inclusive Technology;
RNIB and Technology; videos of technology being used in the classroom.

A top ten list of apps for VI;
ViA app; an app which incorporates recommendations for other VI apps across all areas.
Apps for developing looking/observational skills;