Planning and reviewing progress

Schools must provide an annual report for parents on their child’s progress. Where a child is receiving SEN support, schools should talk to parents regularly to set clear outcomes and review progress towards them, discuss the activities and support that will help them, and identify the responsibilities of the parent, the pupil and the school. Schools should meet parents at least three times each year. These discussions should be led by a teacher with good knowledge of and understanding of the pupil who is aware of their needs and attainment and should provide an opportunity for the parent to share their concerns and, together with the teacher, agree their aspirations for the pupil. The views of the pupil should be included in the these discussions. This could be through involving the pupil in all or part of the discussion itself, or gathering their views as part of the preparation. A record of the outcomes, action and support agreed through the discussion should be kept and shared with all appropriate school staff and given to the pupil’s parents.