Age Range:

11 to 19 years old

The Service:

Changemakers is a group of young people that work with the safeguarding leaders and decision makers in our borough and advise them about how to keep children and young people safe from a young person’s point of view.

Who is the service for?

Changemakers is for young people residing in Southwark with an interest in influencing decision making that affects the safeguarding of children and young people.

Accessibility of this service

We will work with the young person to support their engagement in this group

How this is provided:

This will be provided in discussion and collaboration with the young person and their family on an assessment of their need

How can I access this service?

Through the Southwark Information, Advice and Support Team. See contact details below

Do you need to pay for this service?


Useful to know

Changemakers meet every fortnight to talk about how to protect children in Southwark. The group also meets with Southwark Safeguarding Children’s Board three times a year to share ideas and the work they have undertaken

Contact us

Please contact Southwark Information, Advice and Support Team on 020 7525 3104 for more information

Training provided:

Young people have the opportunity to complete training in Safeguarding Level 1

Young people will also receive a reference of their engagement at the end of the academic year of their involvement to support their portfolio and in support of further work and learning opportunities

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