Tracy's Story

My son Sasha

How or where do I begin? There have been so many ups and downs but the ups have been great!
At my 6 months scan, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia- this was something I had never heard of before, but the doctor didn’t inform me that it was so serious. He just said my baby would be small and as my first child had been small and healthy, I took the news with a pinch of salt.
Whilst on a routine hospital check up at 7 months, an emergency caesarean was performed and Sasha was born on that day in 1998. I got to meet my beautiful Sasha four days after giving birth and I have no shame to say I cried buckets that he was healthy at this time.

When Sasha was 6 days old, he contracted an airborne infection and that’s when things took a little turn. My baby was only 7 days old and I had to baptise him because the doctors thought he wasn’t going to make it however, I am so glad to say my son became such a fighter and got better.
When Sasha was 3 months old, I was finally allowed to take him home and enjoy moments such as feeding and bathing him. For a while I didn’t actually believe Sasha had any developmental issues. I thought he would catch up eventually. But it became apparent to me when other babies in the family were sitting up, crawling and then walking and Sasha was not doing any of these things.

At approximately 15 months, Sasha was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (another illness I knew very little about). At that time, there wasn’t this many services available but I made good use of all that was offered to Sasha and myself.

I have since accepted how things are and I know that my life is centered around Sasha but I don’t mind because he’s so worth it and our life together is the biggest and best adventure I could ever have imagined.

The services I engaged with and continue to do so for support included Parent Partnership (now known as Southwark Information Advice and Support Team), Contact A Family and Kids Home Learning. I am now a member of Southwark’s Parent Carer Council and have been for the past 3 years.

As I said earlier, there are many ups in my life and the biggest up is that Sasha is one of the most loving children you will ever come across, with the brightest smile and great hugs. Fifteen years later, I’m glad to say he defied the doctors at Kings (by the way they did a brilliant job) and he is still going strong.

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