Brandon Trust

Brandon Trust offer a completely flexible service designed specifically around each child and family. We support you when and where you need it and work closely with you at all stages.

The Service

Brandon Trust currently provides a range of programmes of support that are on offer to children and families across London.

We provide bespoke funded services which incorporate before and after school support plus support in the evening and at weekends.

Our flexibility is responsive to the needs of the child and the family that we are supporting. This supports the family in a way that respects their lifestyle and their choices.

We ensure that the child and the family (including siblings) are enabled to work with us to co-produce the support we deliver. This supports families to strengthen their resilience during the times that they are not being supported and gives the children and their families’ ownership of the service that they receive.

As many of the children we support challenge through their behaviours, where appropriate, we provide behavioural support training jointly to staff and families (including wider family members where they are involved in direct support) and Personal assistants to create a shared understanding of the theory of positive behavioural support and the practical tools they can use to avoid hands on interventions.

Who is the service for?

Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs or Disability aged 5-25 who live in Southwark.

Criteria for access to service

Brandon Trust support children and young disabled people and their families:

  • between 5 to 25 years old
  • who have significant disabilities and complex support needs
  • who qualify for adult social care support or are able to self-fund support

Brandon Trust will complete an assessment of young person’s social care needs alongside the family. They will then help the family develop a support service to meet their specific support needs.

Accessibility of this service

The service is fully accessible and assessments can be carried out in homes, schools and other suitable locations.

How this is provided:

  • Phone advice and support 7 days per week.
  • Home visits to conduct assessments and develop support plans.
  • Care and support provided in and out of family home
  • Flexible service to meet the needs of family and child

How can I access this service?

Parents and young people can self refer. We also accept referrals from over professionals (subject to consent from the family).

How is this service funded?

The service is usually funded by local authorities through a direct payment as part of a care and support package. However families are able to self-fund the service.

Do you need to pay for this service?

Yes the service has a cost which will be dependent on type of support delivered. Prices start from £14 per hour but this is dependent on type of support offered and that prices will be confirmed once an assessment has been carried out.

We can offer Positive Behaviour Management training to families