GSTT Evelina Community Paediatric Physiotherapy

Age Range:

0-19 years

The Service:

The Children’s Physiotherapy Service (PT) is part of Evelina London Children’s Healthcare under Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Our role is to support children to develop their movement skills so that they can more fully participate in everyday activities where appropriate . Where children have restricted movement we monitor their muscles and joints as they grow and provide exercises and sometimes equipment to strengthen muscles and help the child’s movements.

Our purpose is to help you support your child with their movement skills so that they are able to reach their potential and to be as independent as possible in activities of daily living. This will help them participate more fully in their nursery or school setting, help your child to learn better, make friends and be more confident. (N.B. A child’s functional potential will be dependent upon their condition, prognosis and learning ability. )

The service aims to work in partnership with parents, carers and young people.
Within nurseries and school settings we aim to work with staff to create sustainable therapeutic opportunities which maximise the learning experience and potential of each child. Any child accepted by the service will be discussed with parents, SENCOs and support staff in school.

Who is the service for?

Children and Young People aged 0-19 years with a physiotherapy need that are registered with a Southwark or Lambeth GP.

Criteria for access to service

This is a specialist service which requires that another health professional refers you to us. To access the service your child/ young person must present with a movement, posture or physical problem which would benefit from physiotherapy input or advice.

Accessibility of this service

The service operates in a disability accessible health centre setting. Where possible the team can offer early morning or after school appointments. Appointments are offered from 8.00am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

How this is provided:

- The service is provided according to your child/ young persons clinical needs. The first appointment is usually offered within Sunshine House or Mary Sheridan Center-our purpose built children and young people’s centres. At this appointment a physiotherapist will assess your child and identify if physiotherapy will help. They will give you advice or start a treatment plan with you based on your child’s needs and agreed goals.
- Most of the physiotherapy sessions will be clinic based, or in group sessions at our child development centres. Where necessary an additional visit may be made to the school setting if the child requires physiotherapy equipment such as a standing frame or walking frame; or to your home when there is a need to review home equipment.

How we work:

We teach and train parents/carers physiotherapy activities and programmes which are aimed at enabling the child to move and join in activities in their environment e.g. sitting to enable play, walking in school to get to the lunch hall. Where appropriate, we teach and train school based staff and help them to incorporate activities in the school day.

We enable you to provide opportunities throughout the day and week for your child to practice these exercises and movements. When your child is in a school setting it may be necessary for the school to implement a therapy programme throughout the week as well as you carrying out a home programme to encourage movement development. When your child has reached their goals we will review them and where necessary write new programmes to develop more skills.

The physiotherapist will teach you and any school/ nursery based staff the activities your child needs to do and will then monitor your child progress over time. For most of our children this will be in a clinic setting within the child development centre.

Sometimes we may ask for your child to attend a group, after school group or school holiday group for a short block (4 sessions) of physiotherapy at the child development centre. This will be to focus on the development of a specific skill. The average physiotherapy session time is 45 minutes.

How can I access this service?

Preschool children ( 0-4 years of age)
To access advice and support from the service-a referral needs to be made by your GP or health visitor. Where a child is attending nursery/ preschool this referral may also be from a school nurse or other health care professional.
School aged children ( 5-19 years of age)
You can access advice and support from the service through a referral from your GP or school nurse.

Paediatric Physiotherapy Service
Sunshine House
27 Peckham Road
0203 049 8181

How is this service funded?

The service is funded by Southwark Clinical commissioning group ( CCG) and is a part of your local NHS services

Do you need to pay for this service?

It is a free service.

Confidentiality and Impartiality

The service is confidential and you will be asked for permission for us to speak with professionals on your behalf.

Useful to know

The team spend a lot of the day out of the office working with parents and young people. Please leave a message if you need support and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.

Training provided:

The team provide training for parents and the young person as part of the treatment and advice given in your individual physiotherapy session.
Training for a school is given to individual class teachers and support staff as part of the individual physiotherapy session for the child where this is required to meet the child’s needs.
Special schools physiotherapists are involved with whole school and class based training.

Drop in service

We do not currently run a drop in service but are happy for people to phone the physiotherapy service.