Clinical Genetics

Age Range:

Paediatric 0-18 (plus adult service)

The Service:

The Clinical Genetics service offers services to diagnose and assess the risk of you or your family inheriting a genetic condition. It is not always possible to make a specific diagnosis for a family or child, however, a genetic assessment will help you to understand the possible diagnoses and treatment options

Who is the service for?

The Clinical Genetics service is a regional service, with clinics being offered across the region to see babies, children, adults and whole families.

Criteria for access to service

Access to the Clinical Genetics service is usually via referral from the GP or another tertiary provider. Self-referral to the walk-in Tay Sachs clinic is accepted. The south east Thames regional genetics centre sees patients from London, Surrey, east Sussex and east and west Kent.

How can I access this service?


How is this service funded?

The Clinical Genetics Service is funded by NHSE, and patients do not have to pay to access the service.

Confidentiality and Impartiality

All information held by the service is treated confidentially in line with NHS code of practice, and therefore cannot be shared with any third party without consent from the patient involved.

Drop in service

We have a walk-in clinic on Monday mornings for patients requesting screening for Tay Sachs and other associated inherited genetic conditions associated with Jewish ancestry