Community Speech and Language Therapy


Type of service provided:

Advice, assessment and intervention. Our purpose is to help your child to improve their speech, language and communication skills. This will help them learn better, make friends, understand better what others are thinking and doing. This will help them be happier in life.


Age Range:



The Service:

The Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) Service is a part of Evelina London Children’s Community Services. It is under Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

We assist children in expressing themselves and with speech, voice, or stammering issues. We also support those who struggle with swallowing.

We recognise that these difficulties happen for a variety of reasons and we will work with you to understand these. We know that if a child gets help early on, supported by parents, we can make a difference. SALT input may begin before a child starts school and may be ongoing throughout school for a child or young person, based on their needs.

We work with children one-to-one, in pairs or in groups. We can watch children in the nursery or classroom and help the teacher or support staff with the child. We are likely to give you work to do at home with your child, to help make the biggest difference possible.

One way to measure progress is by observing how well a child or young person communicates with their parent, teachers, and friends.

We use a range of different things to see how your child is doing – these might include:

  • SALT targets – measuring the specific things the child is working on with the SALT, parent &/or TA

  • Nursery or school measures of progress, against the national curriculum‘s communication levels

  • Your view of how they are getting on; alongside the nursery or school’s view

  • The child’s view of how they are doing

For children we know, with Education, Health & Care Plans, we will contribute information to the Annual Review.


Who is the service for?

Children and young people (and their families) with speech, language and communication needs and/or swallowing difficulties aged 0-19 who live in Southwark or go to a mainstream school in Southwark buying SALT from us.


Criteria for access to service

Any speech, language or communication and/or swallowing problem that is causing a parent/carer a concern is a reason to access advice. If you are in any doubt please speak to your health visitor, GP, Children’s Centre, Nursery or School. Or come along to one of our drop-in sessions for more advice if your child is under 5.


Accessibility of this service

We generally see children and families in local Children’s centre, health centres, schools or the Child Development Centre. For a few we may visit you at home. Please talk to us if it is very difficult for you attend an appointment as we are keen to find ways to help if possible.


How this is provided:

If your child is under 5 years old you can access advice and support from

Visit our website, email us or call.

If you child is 5 years and over then please speak to your Senco about accessing support and do feel free to give us a ring or email us.


How can I access this service?

We take referrals from parents/carers, other health professionals, nurseries and schools. When you contact us we can help you with this.

Contact details:

Telephone: 020 3049 8181

How is this service funded?

The service is funded by Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group, Southwark Council and individual schools.


Do you need to pay for this service?

It is a free service.


Confidentiality and Impartiality

The service is confidential and you will be asked for permission for us to speak with professionals on your behalf, unless there are safeguarding concerns that require us to share information. We believe it is usually beneficial to children and families to share information between relevant services. This helps us to deliver the best outcomes for your child. For children under 5 you will have been linked to your local children’s centre, unless you opted out of this. We will also share any relevant information with them to support you as fully as we can.


Training provided:

The team provide a range of training for parents and professionals – please visit our website: 

Training is also available through Children’s Centres for families with children under 5. Please contact your local Children’s Centre to find out what is available.

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