Age Range:


The Service:

Our children’s epilepsy service is a specialist referral centre (known as a tertiary referral centre) for children with the most severe or complex forms of epilepsy.

Who is the service for?

Children with severe epilepsy referred to us from within Evelina London Children’s Hospital and from clinics across South East England

Criteria for access to service

This service is for non-routine neurological problems (such as non-complex epilepsy, first seizure, non-complex headache), please refer these cases to general children's medicines. Referral information is available on the Evelina Hospital general children's medicines page.

Accessibility of this service

Our building is fully accessible

How this is provided:

We carry out tests to examine the electrical activity in the brain, known as electroencephalography (EEG) and advise on treatment plan
As well as standard EEG tests we also carry out:

  • Video EEG tests
  • Ambulatory EEG tests
  • Video telemetry tests
  • Home video EEG telemetry
  • Nerve conduction studies
  • Electromyography studies

How can I access this service?

We accept referrals from hospital-based paediatricians and other specialists
Please address your referral to the general neurology service and send using these details gst-tr.ELCHPaedNeuroReferrals@nhs.net

How is this service funded?

The service is commissioned by health

Do you need to pay for this service?


Useful to know

Outpatient appointments offered Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
We are based at The Evelina Children’s Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7EH

Useful information: South East Thames Paediatric Epilepsy Group (SETPEG) www.setpeg.co.uk

Contact us

Tel: 020 7188 9209