School Nursing Bladder and Bowel Service

Age Range:

5-19 years

The Service:

i. To provide an evidence based service for the management and support of children aged 5-19 who experience nocturnal enuresis based on NICE Guidelines ‘The Management of bedwetting in Children and Young People’.

ii. Treatment and care should take into account patients’ needs and preferences. Children and young people with bedwetting and their parents and/or carers should have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their care and treatment, in partnership with their healthcare professionals.

iii. School nursing bladder and bowel clinics are to be held at least once a week in the designated health clinics and will be staffed by a community staff nurse / School nurse with admin support.

iv. Service development will be led by designated School Nurse Team Leader

Who is the service for?

The service is for all Lambeth and Southwark residents aged 5-19yrs

Criteria for access to service

All referrals to the community bladder and bowel service are triaged weekly and transferred to school nursing bladder and bowel service or Community Paediatricians bladder and bowel service:

School Nursing:
-5-19yrs -Mono symptomatic nocturnal primary enuresis -Moderate daytime wetting and constipation -Mono symptomatic secondary enuresis

Community Paediatricians:
-Under 5’s
Complex daytime wetting / constipation / soiling / encopresis and/or non-mono symptomatic nocturnal enuresis.
-Complex secondary enruresis

Accessibility of this service

Clinics are held weekly by school nursing teams across Southwark and Lambeth.
Enuresis alarm distribution clinics are held monthly in Akerman Health Centre- Lambeth and Sunshine House - Southwark

How this is provided: Clinics are run by Community Staff Nurses and School Nurses.
Enuresis alarm distribution clinics are run by child development workers / school nurse support staff.

How can I access this service?

Referrals received via school nurses / GP’s / Other services (see referral forms attached to email) and sent to

How is this service funded?

Is your service part of the Commissioned by the Council – Yes part of core delivery of school nursing

Confidentiality and Impartiality

If this applies directly to your service i.e. if you provide information, advice and support - YES

Contact us

Southwark bladder and Bowel Team: 020 3049 8559
Lambeth: Gracefield Gardens Team: 020 3049 4820
Akerman Health Centre Team: 020 3049 6358
Mawby Brough Health Centre: 020 3049 5110

Training provided:

Internal training. ERIC management of bedwetting study day. Lambeth / Southwark bladder and bowel forum. Pan-London Enuresis forum.

Drop in service

No bladder and bowel drop-in’s available.