Social Care Occupational Therapy Team

The Southwark Social Care Occupational Therapy Service provides an assessment of need service to children and adults aged 0-25 who, primarily, have physical disabilities and live within the borough of Southwark.

Occupational therapy aims to provide support and intervention to help people with disabilities adapt to changes in their everyday life, overcome practical problems and maintain or improve their independence and safety in their own homes. For children, they will consider what stage of development the child has reached and what can help them to be as independent as possible for their age.

Depending on the situation, the support from occupational therapy could include:

  • Offering advice on managing everyday tasks, such as managing personal care and safe mobility around the home
  • Recommending specialist equipment to help with activities, such as getting in and out of the bath or on and off the toilet
  • Organising minor alterations or major adaptations to the home, such as installing stair rails, ramps or a stair lift. Who funds and organises the adaptation work will depend on who owns the properties. The OT worker will be explain this and make any necessary recommendations to the relevant team or housing provider.
  • We can also provide advice and information about other services, such as the handypersons service.

How is this service is provided

The Occupational Therapy Service conducts visits in your own home. We will ask you to show us how you are currently managing everyday tasks. We may recommend a different way of doing things or suggest equipment or adaptations to assist you at home.

The team can adjust services to suit on demand. We complete home visits and are flexible depending on school commitments and other appointments. We are also flexible around communication and can be contacted via post, telephone or email.

How can I access this service?

Parents and young people can contact the service themselves. We also accept referrals from other professionals involved in the children and young person’s care, such as social workers, Physiotherapists or GPs.