Home Improvement Agency

The Service

We provide repairs/renovations for owner occupiers and private tenants with repair responsibilities as well as disabled adaptations for owner occupiers, private tenants and housing association tenants

Age range

Owner occupiers of all ages with a disability benefit for repairs and renovations, or over the age of 60.

Who is the service for?

Over 60’s, people of any age in receipt of a disability benefit.

Criteria for access to service

People can refer themselves or via occupational therapy.

Do you need to pay for this service?

The repairs, renovations and adaptations are provided by way of a grant. All grants are means tested. However, people on passporting benefits automatically qualify.

Fees do apply for the service but this is an allowable expense on the grants. Some people may have to make a financial contribution.

For more information please view the Home Improvement Agency Leaflet.