Metropolitan Tabernacle Baptist Church- Sunday school for the Deaf

Teaching from the Bible in British Sign Language (BSL) and speech. We use Visual Aids and encourage questions. We teach at the pace that the children and young people want.


The Service

Every Sunday afternoon 3.00 to 4.00. Sunday School classes for Primary, Junior and Senior (Young People). Deaf Sunday School teachers provide good role models.


Who is the service for?

This is for anyone who is d/Deaf, who find English hard to access aged 5 - 18 years.


Criteria for access to service

Anyone who wishes to use this service can do so Must be d/Deaf, wanting communication via Sign Language and visuals.


Accessibility of this service

  • The church building has a wheelchair lift and accessible disabled toilets.

  • Deaf BSL users can access this service in their own language.

  • Speech is included for those who use cochlear implants.

  • The times are fixed 3.00 to 4.00 every Sunday afternoon.


How this is provided?


Parents can bring their children. Young people can travel independently. We register all attendees.


How can I access this service?

Self-referral. A New Children Card for registration is required the first time anyone comes. Contact via this link  
OR email Deaf Sunday School registrar

SMS 07757061305

Parents can visit to see what we do.


Do you need to pay for this service?

No.  This is a free service funded by the Metropolitan Tabernacle Baptist Church- a registered charity Registered charity number 1151218



Confidentiality and Impartiality

We provide moral support to children and young people to boost their confidence in new situations. We have a high standard of confidentiality for all our children and young people. All staff undergo DBS checks.



Contact details

The church office or Deaf Sunday School registrar can be contacted anytime.

Address: Metropolitan Tabernacle, Elephant & Castle, London, SE1 6SD

Telephone 020 7735 7076


Deaf Sunday School registrar



SMS 07757061305



Training provided

We run a Holiday Bible Club every Easter holiday and we publish details around March.  You can find details here and here.

Drop in service
Parents are welcome to visit our Sunday School to see what we do. Please let us know when you want to come Deaf Sunday School registrar
SMS 07757061305