The Salmon Youth Centre

We provide:

• ‘Mixables’ youth club
• Holiday Trips
• The Connect 2 Befriending scheme for 14-18 year olds

Disabled Young People or those with Special Educational Needs aged 12-18, living in Southwark.

Young people must be registered disabled or have a special educational needs statement and ideally have a designated social worker.

Our building is fully wheelchair accessible, our staff are all experienced in working with disabled young people and we have achieved the ‘Inclusive and Active 2’ standard mark as an organisation.

We provide a minibus pick up from Spa school to Mixables club and can provide lifts home (to homes in Southwark) if young people can’t be picked up or travel home independently.

• Mixables Club at the Salmon Youth Centre every term time Friday 3.30-5.30pm.
• Day and residential trips during the school holidays which must be booked in advance.
• Connect 2 Befriending scheme – an adult volunteer will meet up with a young person every fortnight to go out and do fun things as well as learn independence skills.

By being referred by your social worker / teacher or health professional.

The service is funded by Southwark Council

• Mixables club – 50p a session
• Day trips – usually around £10
• Residential trips (4/5 days) usually around £70
• Connect 2 Befriending - free

The Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey recognises and accepts it responsibility as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 and sub-legislation contained therein. The Centre, as a Data Controller, will take all reasonable steps to meet this responsibility and to promote good practice in the handling and use of personal information. In particular the Centre will comply with the Data Protection Principles set out in the 1998 Act.

If young people share confidential information about themselves with us we do not pass this on to outside bodies unless we are concerned that there young person is at risk of harm – in which case we may share information with social services and / or the police.

The Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey although partially funded by Southwark council and numerous other donors is an independent Charity and Company limited by guarantee. We are over seen by a board of trustees who hold us to our mission statement which is ‘To inspire young people to realise their potential, to contribute positively to the communities in which they live and to discover meaning and direction for their lives.’ Therefore you can be assured that we will always work with the good of the young people and families as our highest priority. 

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Drop-in Session 

The Salmon Youth Centre, 43 Old Jamaica Rd, London, SE16 4TE