Life Skills

There are a number of services in Southwark whose aims include ensuring that young people with additional needs are able to gain the skills they need to live a happy, fulfilling and productive life. These are often taught as part of another activity, for instance some organisations include travel training as part of a day trip out so that young people can gradually increase their awareness and confidence in a real life setting.

Other skills that can be learnt in Southwark include; cooking, money management, general social skills and many other things that will help young people make the transition to adulthood.

Coping with a disability or caring for a young person who has one can be an isolating experience.

Young people with disabilities and their families can suffer disproportionately from social exclusion. However, there are several organisations working in Southwark who bring people together so that they can form friendships and support networks.

There are also services that help people to live in their own homes with volunteer support and those that provide meaningful things for young people who have finished secondary education.