Free Wheelchair Skills Clubs

These clubs are for young people who want a safe space to practice, and we offer them to wheelchair users between 2 and 25 years.

This club is open to all, meaning that those full, part time and occasional wheelchair users; those who rely 1:1 support with skills and can’t self-propel; and those really advanced wheelchair users who want a safe space to practice wheelies, are all welcome!

For experienced wheelchair users
: Share your skills, practice wheelies, accepting and declining help, mastering kerbs

For inexperienced wheelchair users: Stopping/starting, changing direction, managing speed, develop confidence, road safety, mastering different services

For assisted Wheelchair users
: developing confidence, communication, directing your support to stop, start and change direction, body positioning

Please click here for a detailed timetable.

Free Youth Clubs:

These clubs are for people who want to meet up and try new activities with other young people, and are for wheelchair users aged between 8 and 25 years.

Healthcare Support is provided at these clubs, specifically support with additional medical needs.

Our free youth clubs cover a host of fun and exciting activities that include wheelchair tennis, wheelchair dance, drama workshops, art, graffiti arts, music, cinema trips and days out, all decided upon and curated by our young people.

Our youth clubs adapt to the needs of the group: The trainer ensures all activities are accessible to all our young people.

Please click here for a detailed timetable.

If you are interested in attending any of these events, please email Hannah Smyth confirmation a minimum of two weeks in advance and Hannah will confirm your place.

If you have any additional medical needs or require 1:1 support with activities please let Hannah know in advance to discuss how they may be able to support you.