Ice Skating (For people with sensory impairments and complex needs)

We invite you come down and get used to the layout, the smells, the feel of the ice, the coolness and the acoustics of the centre.

Sessions will then be ongoing from the 8th March 2017 in term time with a fee of £7.50 per session.

Additional information to note:

  • You can skate independently or with support and even be pushed around in a wheel chair, so everyone can have a go regardless of your support needs
  • Arrive to sessions at least 15mins early to get changed and complete any necessary paperwork
  • Onsite café
  • Please wear lose and comfortable clothing, preferable long sleeve and remember it will be colder in the ice rink area than the rest of the centre
  • Please bring a bottle of water with you
  • Accessible toilets are available

For more information on how to get there please click here.

Ice skating