It’s time to break free with ILLUMINATE FREEDOM – We are here to Inspire, Educate and Empower

Our specialist areas include working with:

The Blind and Partially Sighted, Long-Term Injury, Arthritis and Chronic Pain.
Illuminate Freedom creates inspiring, individually designed physical activity sessions that help individuals and groups to overcome physical or emotional barriers to moving freely.

Our warm, friendly and experienced Dance Health & Fitness Specialists will help you to have fun, learn new skills, lose weight and walk with more strength and confidence. We work alongside your visual impairment and also with any long-term injury or pain you may suffer from. We use carefully designed dance movement and exercise to help improve your health and your overall well-being.

Our Programmes includes:

• Dance for Health
• Street Dance, Fun-Fit and Zumba Fitness
• Personal Training
• Blind Gym Buddies
• Weight Loss Programmes
• Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise
• Massage Therapy
• Nutritional Therapy
• Plus FREE Social Events & Activities, including our monthly Freedom Night

Classes on our Blind-Programme use language, instruction and pacing that enable them to be fully inclusive of clients with a visual impairment. Each class is supported by our wonderful access team who can arrange meeting at local transport links. Sighted friends are also welcome.


Try and come along anyway. Feel free to just relax, observe and gain strength and positive energy from being around others, just like you. Sessions are fully inclusive and our team are super friendly!

For bookings, locations and full details of our weekly programmes in North and South London connect with us:

Phone: 07956 632 099
Web: Louise Dickson
Facebook: /illuminatetofreedom
Twitter: @dickson_louise

Louise Dickson
Dance Health & Fitness Specialist
Director, Illuminate Freedom