Early Help Parenting Programmes

Age Range:

0 - 8

The Service:

Often when a child or children in a family have a problem, it can affect them but the whole family too. Early help aim to intervene ‘early’ in terms of age of a child and in terms of an issue arising in the life of a child – from pre-birth to nineteen. Early Help may include support with parenting, employment, support in schools, emotional wellbeing school attendance and access to Children Centres

Who is the service for?

This service is for parents/carers who live in Southwark. There are a Varity of parenting programmes Jointly delivered by Early Help and Children Centres.

Criteria for access to service

All parenting programmes are free and will be delivered by knowledgeable, experienced and skilled practitioners.
Crèche will be provided. All crèche workers will have the necessary knowledge and Safeguarding requirements.

Accessibility of this service

Parenting programmes will be delivered from local Children Centres, which should provide suitable access. Therefore, parents/carers can choose which Children Centre is best suited for their needs.
All parents/carers will be asked to complete an admission form which will include any specific care or dietary needs for their child/children

How this is provided:

The Parenting Programmes will be delivered on a weekly basis. The length and times of programmes will vary (see attached details).

How can I access this service?

For each programme there is a referral form, which will be sent to you when you contact the Children Centre.

How is this service funded?

The Early Help Service is part of the Council and Children Centres are commissioned by Early Help to support children and families in the local community.

Confidentiality and Impartiality

Regarding confidentially, information shared during any parenting programmes will be kept confidential. There will be a group agreement drawn up as part of the parenting programme. Information shared or observed that could raise Safeguarding concerns will be addressed by the facilitator.

Useful to know

The Early help Service has a duty number – 0207525- 3893 or an email Earlyhelp@southwark.gov.uk or you can leave a message on the answer phone and we will contact you on our return.

Contact us

Contact numbers for Parenting Programme, link practitioners;
Aardvark Children Centres – Yasmin Grant /Tarel Lavell – 0207525-1192 or 0207525-2017.
Coin Street Children Centre – Denise Thompson – 0207525-4765.
Rye Oak Children Centre – Mauvene Burke - 07949633500

Training provided:

This is an over view of the Parenting programmes that will be delivered.
Incredible Years Baby and Parent: This parenting programme is for eight weeks and is for parents/carers of very young babies. It helps secure the bond between parent and baby by introducing activities that encourages babies to feel secure, loved and safe, as well as activities that encourage language and physical development.
Incredible Years Toddler: This Twelve week programme is for parents/carers that need that little extra support in setting boundaries for toddlers, use positive discipline to manage children’s behaviour, as well as establishing clear and consistent routines. The programme also provides activities that help parents to support their children social, emotional and language development.
Coaching/One to One Incredible Years: This is a bespoke approach using the Incredible Years format for parents/carers who need immediate support or do not feel that they can emotionally participate within group activities.
Triple P: Stands for Positive Parenting Programme and is an evidence based programme to support parents in learning new simple and practical strategies to managing children and build an emotional and loving bond between parents and child. Triple P is an eight week parenting programme, with five groups based sessions and three one to one personalised sessions via telephone. This is ideal for parents/carers who would find it difficult to participate in an eight week programme.
Mellow Parenting: Mellow Mums and Toddler programme is a fourteen week programme based on attachment theory, looking at relationships and parenting styles across generations. The day is split into two sections, a personal group looking at parent’s feelings, self-esteem and understanding parenting. The afternoon session is based on the child, looking at respect, why children cry, play, child development and positive parenting strategies. This is a reflective group for parents to understand their children and how well they do as parents.
Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities: This is an inclusive evidence based parenting programme, designed to promote protective factors which are associated with good parenting and better outcomes for children and young people. This programme is for parents with children aged 8 – 19.

Drop in service

Children Centre’s offer a variety of children and parent activities, at different times throughout the day. You can find this information by contacting one of the following:
Web: www.southwark.gov.uk/familyinfo
Email: family.info@southwark.gov.uk
Tel: 0800013 0639