Families First

Functional Family Therapy

The Service

The family’s first team are family therapists trained in the FFT model. We are a child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS) team offering an intensive treatment of family therapy in the home.

FFT has been found to be helpful for those experiencing:

  • Family relational difficulties/violence
  • Behaviour and emotional difficulties at school, home and in the community (present in at least two of the above)
  • Antisocial behaviour, conduct disorder, persistent challenging behaviours: stealing, fighting, damaging property and harming people or animals
  • Where substance abuse co-exists with conduct and relationship problems
  • Breakdown in the home/relationships
  • Going missing/staying out late
  • Worrying sexual relationships

Useful To Know

The therapy aims to look with the family members at how relationships are functioning in the family – where they are working well to support the family unit and where they may need some attention and changes.

Families First

Families First Team, Ann Bernard Centre (next door to nursery), 29 Chandler Way, London SE15 6DT, Tel: 020 7525 5784