Outdoor Gyms

Free to Use

Everyone young and old should have a go on one of our outdoor gyms.
The equipment is low impact so it is easy and safe to use without a gym induction. So save yourself the membership fee and come down to give it a try! But please do remember to stretch before and after any exercise.

Leyton Square
Outdoor gym equipment was installed in Leyton Square in Summer 2014 with support from the Well London Programme operating on Unwin and Friary Estate. It is situated near to the playground and the astro pitch just off Peckham Park Road, and open for all to use.

Tabard Gardens
Outdoor gym equipment was installed in Tabard Gardens in Summer 2013. it is situated near to the playground and the astro pitch just off Tabard Street.

Peckham Rye Park
Our first outdoor gym was installed in Peckham Rye Park back in 2009, after the Young Friends of Peckham Rye Park managed to get funding to build it. Follow the path leading from the entrance near the junction of Peckham Rye and Homestall Road, past the Adventure Playground and you will find the gym next to the skate park.

Haddon Hall Estate
At Haddon Hall Estate the outdoor gym is on Potier Street, just off Great Dover Street. It's not just for Estate residents - anyone can use it.

Mint Street Park
Mint Street park can be reached from Southwark Bridge Road and Marshalsea Road. The outdoor gym is opposite the children's play area.

Southwark Park
You can also try an outdoor gym at Southwark Park, where it is located between China Hall Gates and the Cafe Gallery.

Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park
Our newest outdoor gym is at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park next to the Sports Facility building.

Aylesbury Estate
The outdoor gym at the Aylesbury Estate can be accessed from either Thurlow Street or Portland Street. It is near the junction of Inville Road and Beaconsfield Road and you don't need to live on the Estate to use it.

Burgess Park
Burgess Park boasts two outdoor gyms. The first one can be found next to Albany Road at the junction with Canal Street. More recently a trail of gym equipment has been installed which begins in the southeast corner of the park, near the junction of St Georges Way and Sumner Road.

Lordship Lane Estate
The Lordship Lane Estate Tenants and Residents Association have agreed that anyone can use their outdoor gym. It is located behind Campbell Court, so if you enter the Estate from Dulwich Common you will find the gym on your left next to the Children's Play Centre.

Dulwich Park
Dulwich Park also has a trail of gym equipment either side of the path that runs between Roseberry Gate entrance and Queen Mary's Gate entrance.

Durand's Wharf
Our newest outdoor gym is located by the river at Durand's Wharf in Rotherhithe and has great views across the Thames.