Preparing for Adulthood Programme of Work 2018/19

The Preparing for Adulthood project brings together some of the work going on across Southwark Council and NHS which supports young people to succeed in four important areas of their life:

  • getting a job,
  • being healthy,
  • having friends and being a part of their community
  • learning independent living skills and having somewhere to live

Our aim is to make it easy for you to get the help you need to succeed!

Some of the key highlights of the Preparing for Adulthood Project so far include:

  1. Southwark Information and Advice Service (SIAS) are working with young people to act as ‘secret shoppers’ for services available to young people with SEND – this will help them to keep standards high!
  2. The Preparing for Adulthood outcomes of – Employment, Being Healthy, Friends and Relationships, Learning Independent Living Skills – will now be included in all Social Care contracts.
  3. Southwark Choices have confirmed additional employers who will be accepting supported internship placements from September and January!

Read the full programme here