YouTurn Service


The YouTurn project works with young people aged 11-19 addressing experiences of gangs and serious youth violence. We also provide specific support to young women experiencing some of these issues; with a focus on reducing risk of exploitation.

Our experienced, specialist team designs and delivers early intervention, prevention and intervention programmes. We work with young people who are involved, or at risk of involvement in gangs, serious youth violence and exploitation.



Family Work: We offer awareness raising workshops to parents and carers of young people affected by gangs- to better understand the concerns and identify the protective factors needed to improve safety.


  • E-Safety and Social Media
  • Gangs and Peer Pressure
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Identity, Society and Family

Early Intervention

Education: YouTurn offers an early intervention education programme in schools working with groups of young women & young men at risk of harm or experiencing harm because of their association with gangs and, or other forms of serious youth violence.

YouTurn adopts a whole school approach providing young people with wrap around support, ensuring that all professionals, parents & carers and the wider school community have the skills and resources to identify, challenge and respond to the needs of young people at risk of or, and experiencing harm with a focus on those affected by gangs and serious youth violence.

Targeted Group Work: Working closely with schools to identify and refer young people onto a 6 week programme focusing on a range of topics such as but not limited to:-

  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Gender and identity
  • Self-care
  • Risks and consequences
  • Healthy relationships and consent

Universal Awareness Raising: Workshops delivered to assemblies and whole year groups through drop down days focusing on specific topics and issues identified by the schools and provisions.

Intensive Support

1:1 work: Working on a 1:1 basis to identify and respond to young people’s needs, by creating an holistic assessment that will best support their progression and enable them to make the changes they need to live safely and fulfil their potential. The intervention is designed to last 6 months with flexibility dependant on need and risk levels. Contact is weekly.

Referral & Criteria

Any young person can be referred to our project by any person, parents, schools, police, and statutory agencies. Criteria can vary, for example with reference to gang associations, gender, or the level of risk, however the general criteria is young people aged 11 to 19 who are at risk of harm because of their association with risky peer groups.