Speaking Up Southwark (SUS)

Have your say on how services are delivered

Speaking Up Southwark (SUS) works alongside Southwark Council, learning disability service providers and people with a learning disability in Southwark to ensure that the voices of people with a learning disability are heard and that learning disability services meet the expectations of service users. All members of SUS have a learning disability and they work to present the views of other adults with a learning disability in the borough to Southwark Council and service providers. They also work to keep the adult learning disability community in Southwark informed about relevant changes in national or local strategies and policies

Adults with a learning disability who reside in Southwark are eligible to apply to join the group or to express their views to the group. Professionals who work with adults with a learning disability in Southwark may either meet with or consult with the group.

Useful to know

We do not currently charge any fees for our services.

We do not provide advice or support to individuals though we can refer people on to advice or support services.