Impact Poetry Programme

Impact Poetry is an educational Poetry Intervention, which is in line with the requirements of the English National Curriculum. Enabling students to increase their understanding of English literature through an interactive, creative and fun format. Educating students about the correlations between poetry, art, drama, music and dance. Incorporating poetry into the classroom environment to make subjects more appealing and engaging to students to reach full potential.

Programme Aim/ Outcomes

  • Making poetry and creative writing, interactive, informative, inspirational and educational.
  • Sparking discussion to create the building blocks to shape poems.
  • To create peer exercises, to support young people in written group pieces.
  • To explore subjects matters and relatable topic alongside creative writing and performance.
  • Creating healthy competition, for young people to showcase their work written and verbally amongst their peers.
  • Relatable and empowering engagement for hard to reach young people.

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