Personal Budgets

Parents and Young People can make a request to ‘personlise’ the support which is provided by education, health and social care. This means that the council must provide families with the opportunity to apply for a ‘personal budget’.

Why do it?

This puts the young person, child and family firmly in the centre of deciding what works best to achieve the best outcomes for the family. It increases the choices you can make and puts you in control.

Do I have to do it?

No it’s an option or a choice for you to make. If you are not sure if it is for you there are people who can help you think through it. Check out the IAS section for further information.

Who can request it?

Parents and Young People who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) can request a personal budget.

When can I request it?

This request can be made as part of the planning process either when the EHC is drawn up for the first time after the assessment process or following an annual review of the plan.

What type of things can I get a personal budget for?

Councils must provide a list of the things for which a personal budget can be used. Currently in Southwark you may access a personal budget for:

  • Transport to and from school where you have applied for and provision has been agreed.
  • Social care – following an assessment by the disabilities team the process of support planning may conclude that this support is best delivered by a personal budget.
  • Continuing care for health needs may be delivered by a personal budget.
  • A personal budget can be provided by the school (Element 2) but only in agreement with the school

What type of things can’t I get a personal budget for?

  • Personal budgets does not include funding for the school place.
  • Personal budgets do not include targeted support managed by the school or other learning provider to offer additional learning support to individuals, classes or groups of pupils and students.
  • Personal budgets can only be active when everyone agrees.

How is a personal budget delivered?

There are different ways it can be delivered:

  1. You do not receive the money directly but are allocated a budget and participate fully in the planning and decision making around how the money is spent.
  2. An organization holds the money and helps the parent/young person to decide how best to meet their EHC outcomes.
  3. Money is transferred directly into the individual’s bank account, which has been opened for the purpose, to meet the identified outcomes.