Academy21 Limited

The Service
Academy21 is an online education service that helps schools and local authorities to meet the challenge of delivering quality, cost-effective alternative short-, medium- and long-term provision for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 (ages 11-16).

We deliver a young person-centred approach that focuses on good academic outcomes, pastoral support, mental health and wellbeing strategies and academic mentoring. Focusing on the core provision, we support young people who cannot or will not attend school due to complex behavioural, medical, and mental health issues. Over 70% of young people referred to us have SEMH and a high percentage of our students suffer from anxiety and/or are on the autistic spectrum.

Using our virtual classroom and subject specialist teachers we provide live, interactive online teaching to KS3 and KS4 in groups of up to 15. Our KS3 and KS4 curricula provide the opportunity to achieve GCSE outcomes.

How the service is provided
At KS3 we offer 1 or 2 year Skills Builder courses suitable for years 7, 8 and 9. During KS4 our curriculum focuses on core subjects supplemented by additional GCSE subjects. For those KS4 young people unable to access GCSE courses we offer accredited Functional Skills. In addition, we provide ‘Rescue GCSE’ courses for Year 11 and Year 12 that run from January until the start of the examination period.

Positive outcomes are viewed from the context of each child/young person referred, their personal objectives and targets and the nature and complexity of the needs they have. Our provision reflects this individualised approach by providing consistent practice based on:

- QTS experienced subject specialist teachers
- 1:1 Pastoral and Academic support
- Flexible timetabling to accommodate the child's/young person's needs
- Appropriateness of content based on the child's/young person's ability
- Creating a positive and supportive environment - supported through praise, recognition, and awards
- Interactive teaching aids designed to allow young people to engage how they want to engage
- Online lesson and resource library
- Access to Wellbeing and Study Skills Workshops

Additional Information
We work with a range of children/young people with a broad and diverse range of needs including but not limited to:
- Excluded or at risk of exclusion
- Medical needs
- Social, emotional, mental health needs
- Special educational needs and disabilites
- School refusers
- Challenging behaviours

Children/young people can access the provision from school, Alternative Provision centre, home, secure unit or any suitable location with a computer, broadband connection, and headset with microphone.

How to access this service
Referrals must be submitted by the child/young person's school or directly via the local authority. They can be completed and submitted via our online form:

We provide a rapid referral process which ensures that a young person can be enrolled with two days' notice. Each referral requires a completed enrolment form and any supporting information, including but not limited to, existing assessment data, attendance data, and any relevant professional reports. 

Contact details
Tel: 07534 617949