Linkage College

About Us

Linkage offers a combination of classroom sessions, realistic working environments, work experience and student enterprise activities. You can be confident of success, shown by our track record of some of the highest qualification success rates in the country. We have an enviable reputation of exceeding expectations of what you can achieve when you first join us.

Linkage Community Trust (Linkage) is a registered charity which provides a high standard of care, specialist further education and employment services to enable people with learning disabilities to realise their full potential.

Linkage was established in 1976 and owes its origins to the recognition that, for many people with varying degrees of learning difficulty, there is a shortage of appropriate support for them to lead creative and purposeful lives in the community.

The students and clients of Linkage

The students and clients of Linkage are people with varying degrees of learning disability, from moderate to severe, including Down’s syndrome, Autism, Asperger syndrome, Williams syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, speech and language difficulties, visual impairment, hearing impairment, epilepsy or physical disabilities.

Our Vision

A society in which disabled people are seen as people first and are able to live fully- integrated lives.

Our Mission

To deliver excellent education, employment, care and support by providing flexible services to meet individual needs, reflecting individuals’ uniqueness, their personal aspirations and goals, and giving them optimum control over their lives.