Southwark Primary Schools SEND Information Reports

Schools must agree which children or young people are not learning as well as they could be and take action to do something about it.
These children or young people may have Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND).

If it's decided that a child or young adult needs SEN support the parents must be formally notified.

SEN support will be adapted for each child to try and get the best outcome.
If the school has done everything they can to identify, assess and meet the child’s needs, but are still not making the expected progress, the school or parent can make a request to have an Education Health And Care (EHC) assessment.
You can find out how to do this in the EHC section. Just click here

If the child does have an EHC assessment, and it's agreed that they would benefit from an EHC Plan, they can continue to get the help they need at a mainstream school if they want to.
Some parents and young people might wish to consider other types of school at this stage.

Special Educational Needs Report

All schools must publish what is on offer at their school. This is called the SEN report.
It must include:

  • What support for learning they can put in place – as part of the Southwark Local Offer.
  • An annual SEN(D) information report.

This should include information on the school’s SEN(D) policy, contact details for the SENCo and any other people in the school for situations and general concerns.