HIV service at Kings College Hospital

HIV services are offered from the Caldecot Centre in Camberwell.

At the Caldecot Centre we offer:

  • specialist services for newly diagnosed patients
  • regular follow-up appointments with doctors and nurses
  • an emergency service for urgent HIV-related problems (subject to telephone triage)
  • antiretroviral treatment
  • sexual health screening, smear tests and contraceptive advice for people living with HIV
  • counselling and health advice
  • nutrition and dietary advice
  • a specialist pharmacy for HIV drugs and other essential medication
  • an antenatal clinic with a specialist midwife for HIV-positive women who are pregnant
  • a family clinic for children and adolescents with HIV and their parents
  • a young persons HIV clinic
  • specialist clinics for people with HIV and tuberculosis (TB), liver problems such as hepatitis, neurological problems and a psychiatry liaison referral service
  • a medical gynaecology service for women living with HIV
  • advice and support on social and welfare issues
  • results by email or phone for routine blood tests

For further information and for referrals please follow the link on the right.