Health Visiting Service

Age Range:

Under 5’s

The Service:

Health visitors provide a child and family focused service that promotes health and well-being and prevents ill health. All children under 5 should have a named health visitor

Who is the service for?

All children under 5

Criteria for access to service

As above

Accessibility of this service

Our staff will see you either in your home or at a children’s centre, health centre or GP practice

How this is provided:

Our health visitors lead smaller teams of community staff nurses, child development workers and administrators. Depending on the age of your child, you may see a variety of staff who will provide assessment and advice. They will also check to see if your child is meeting his or her developmental milestones. We work in partnership with GP’s and other healthcare professionals, social workers, children’s centre staff and voluntary agencies to support families with children under five.
We also play a key role in safeguarding children and child protection.

How can I access this service?

You can either refer yourself, be referred via your GP, or via social care, voluntary organisations or maternity services using the contacts on the side bar.

How is this service funded?

Health funded

Do you need to pay for this service?