Advocacy, Mediation and Disagreement Resolution


A parent or young person may need an advocate when they feel they are not getting the service they are entitled to, and nobody is listening to them. An advocate will help parents and young people say what they want, make sure they are listened to, and promote their rights.

Cambridge House Advocacy

Cambridge House provides free, independent, and confidential advocacy services to help people become involved in the decisions which affect their lives.
Our advocacy service works to ensure that people’s voices are heard, that their rights are protected, and that they understand what is happening to them. We speak up for them when they cannot, and support and advise them when they can.
Telephone: 0207 358 7000

Coram Voice

Coram Voice enables and equips children and young people to hold to account the services that are responsible for their care. We uphold the rights of children and young people to actively participate in shaping their own lives.
We do this because we believe in a society which recognises and willingly accepts its responsibilities to children and young people, where the inequalities and discrimination they currently face have been eradicated, where they are fully engaged in all decisions made about their lives and where their views, needs and feelings are at the core of those decisions.
Telephone: 0808 800 5792

Community Empowerment Network

CEN is a national education charity that supports children, young people, parents, families, schools, groups, organisations and communities across the country. They offer expertise in working with excluded children, children at risk of exclusion, and persistent absentees. Through our provision of free advice, support, representation, advocacy, mediation and restorative approaches, we help to restore relationships between the home and school and assist to successfully reintegrate children back into mainstream education.
Telephone: 0207 733 0297

Mediation/ Disagreement Resolution

Mediation is a voluntary, informal, disputes or conflict resolution process in which an impartial third party, (the mediator), helps disputing parties reach an agreement. The mediator works with the parties to discuss and explore their differences seeking a constructive resolution by encouraging them to identify and explore their own solutions that will satisfy some or all of the underlying goals and interests.

KIDS Mediation Service

The KIDS London SEN Mediation Service is an independent disagreement resolution service. It provides mediation meetings for parents of children with Special Educational Needs and their local education authority or the child’s school when there is some kind of disagreement surrounding how best to meet those needs. Mediation is an informal, voluntary process where parties in disagreement meet together with an independent mediator.
Telephone: 0207 359 3635

The Southwark Mediation Centre

Established in 1986 Southwark Mediation Centre (SMC) is a charity organisation that sits at the heart of Camberwell, situated on Camberwell Road, opposite Burgess Park. SMC prides itself on its contribution to making Southwark a stronger, safer, and more empowered community.

The work of SMC is held in high regard by those that have used its service and by those responsible for the reporting and the recording of anti- social behaviour, crime and incidents in the community e.g. MP’s, Ward Counsellors, Housing, Police, Victim Support, Southwark Anti- Social Behaviour Unit and Education. Our main aim is to create a safe and relaxed environment for all the people we interact with.
Telephone: 0207 708 4959