SIBS (For Brothers and Sisters of Disabled Children and Adults)


About Sibs

Sibs exists to support people who grow up with or have grown up with a disabled brother or sister. It is the only UK charity representing the needs of over half a million young siblings and over one and a half million adult siblings.
Siblings have a lifelong need for information, they often experience social and emotional isolation, and have to cope with difficult situations. They also want to have positive relationships with their disabled brothers and sisters and to be able to choose the role they play in future care and support.


Adult sibling support groups

The adult sibling groups that we currently support are for siblings of people with a life-long learning disability or autism. We recognise that this group of siblings share many similar life-long emotional experiences. Many also face similar challenges around the long-term care and support of their brother or sister.  Click here to access the Sibs website for further information.

Are you a parent of a young sibling, a professional working with young siblings, or a sibling group leader?

These pages will give you more information on how you can support young siblings at home, through your work with families and at school.

Young Sibs

Who is YoungSibs for?

YoungSibs is for children and young people who have a brother or sister who is disabled, has special educational needs or a serious long-term condition. It is for siblings in the UK aged 6 to 17.

Visit the YoungSibs website to:

  • Read the pages for siblings about different disabilities
  • Find out how to cope with your feelings as a sibling
  • Learn tips for siblings for dealing with difficult situations
  • Find out how siblings can enjoy family life