Autism Voice


Autism Voice UK works with autistic children, adults and their families in communities based in the UK and Africa.  We provide training, outreach, mentorship, emotional support, and much more.


What we do


  • Community outreach - to groups in Lambeth and Southwark 


  • Mentorship - providing confidential support to autistic adults on a range of practical and emotional issues


  • Emotional support - provided by volunteers/key workers to autistic adults, parents/carers, and professionals 


  • Social club for young adults - including indoor games, current affair discussions, music, dance, food making, baking, trips out  


  • Autism training programmes 


  • Research and advocacy


  • Support Group - meeting regularly to provide support, knowledge and experience.  You can find further details about sessions here. 


Full details of the services we provide can be found on our website.




Tel: 07460 399 290