Voluntary Work & Work Experience


It can be difficult to decide on a career path and to know what type of employment may be right for you. Whether you know what your work interests are or not, it will be useful to read about different jobs, learn about different professions and to gain work experience.

A really good way to gain skills, experience and knowledge about different sectors is to try voluntary work or work experience. This can be a fanastic opportunity to prepare for the world of paid employment, it will help to boost your CV for jobs and it is always very appealing to future employers.

When considering work experience or voluntary work;

Voluntary Work

What is Voluntary Work? Any activity or service that involves working or spending time unpaid, doing something that benefits someone else and yourself. It could be your first steps to take before securing paid employment.

Community Southwark  is a volunteering advice service that will help you to find your perfect volunteering opportunity! There are hundreds of charities in Southwark who all do amazing things with the help of volunteers. You can give as much or as little time as you can afford. Volunteering can help you learn new skills, meet people and make a difference to your local community. Whether you are interested in giving your time to people, animals, environment or causes there would be a volunteering opportunity for you in Southwark.

You can access this service via
Telephone: 020 7358 7020
Email: volunteering@communitysouthwark.org


Work Experience

What is Work Experience? Short term arrangement with an employer to help you experience the world of work and develop skills, knowledge and confidence. Work Experience is generally unpaid but very useful to have on your CV.

The Education Business Alliance (EBA) provide access to Enterprise and Work Related Learning including Work Experience, Employability Skills, visiting speakers and visits to employers.

The service is for young people with Special Educational Needs or Disability aged 14 to 19 who are at school or live in Southwark. The service is provided in school, (employability skills, visiting speakers etc.), or at venues provided by employers, (work experience, visits)

Teachers and organisers can enquire about this service by contacting Southwark Education Business Alliance via telephone: 0207 525 2895 and email: eba@southwark.gov.uk

The service is part funded by the Youth Fund and requires top up funding which varies depending on the service required. Southwark Employer Lead Learning is a paid for service

Useful to know

The team work with secondary and special schools and are very happy to discuss what we can provide

Training provided:

• Work Related Learning project management
• Managing Mentoring programmes
• Setting up Work Experience programmes
• Engaging employers